This is a list of the Face Painting communities and helpful websites that I have found on the internet.


Help sites for tips, tutorials, painting galleries and videos: 
  • Silly Farm halloween tips  - Although these tips are for Halloween, the advice they give is great for any season painting.
  • Snazaroo US - gallery - Hundreds, if not thousands of pictures of face painting.
  • Sille Farm's Heather - Awesome YouTube channel for video tutorials
  • Snazaroo Buisness tips - a must-read for buddy facepainters. 100s of tips and advices for starting and promoting your business.
  • Face Fiesta - A site of a professional artist (Leah) with a great gallery.
  • Videojug tutorials - a bunch of relaly neat video tutorials of various face painting designs.
  • Lone Wolf Designs - a downloadable guide to various unique and beautiful painting designs. Can be used to practice something new.
    Business End of things
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