Saturday, June 4, 2011

Overall progress update.

I know I've been slacking, yes, yes.
But Im happy to say that I am finally moving on my dream. My website is almost done ( bthw!). I have a bath of business cards printed, which I tend to forget everywhere!

I did another painting at my son's daycare, and a few parents said they would love to hire me. I don't even have pricing plan ready! I'm almost there, however.

Today, after the Birthday party one of the moms said that she know two churches that would be interested in my work, but she said it would be a LOT of kids. I have no idea what I can handle yet, to be honest. I will need to start timing myself to paint to find my speed. I desperately need someone to practice on.

So, site is almost done, cards are done. Next paycheck - insurance. It will come out to about 200$ total. Once I have that, I'll will be able to start actually working and charging for my work.

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