Monday, May 2, 2011

Not dead yet!

Gosh, what a long time it's been. I must admit, I have started to forget all about my dream. My I did get a chance to grab my paints again. There was a fundraiser that my chorus folks were doing last weekend, and I decided to paint faices there.

Not the greatest of experience, but I learned some lessons:

1) Don't forget your brushes. You might think " a no-brainer". Well, that's what I was - a no-brainer! I felt the whole world spinning, as I realized that I forgot my brushes and my sponges!

2) If you are painting outside, ALWAYS bring a canopy or at least a beach umbrella. AND icepacks, because paints melt rather quickly in the sun.

3) Keep in mind what kind of "event" it is.

Unfortunately, I did not get a single person who wanted to get painted, despite the numerous kids that stopped by. It appears that most people were just garage-sale hunting. But thanks to this, I did get to practice some designs on my friend the night before.

Ill post some more pictures later.

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