Saturday, June 4, 2011

Overall progress update.

I know I've been slacking, yes, yes.
But Im happy to say that I am finally moving on my dream. My website is almost done ( bthw!). I have a bath of business cards printed, which I tend to forget everywhere!

I did another painting at my son's daycare, and a few parents said they would love to hire me. I don't even have pricing plan ready! I'm almost there, however.

Today, after the Birthday party one of the moms said that she know two churches that would be interested in my work, but she said it would be a LOT of kids. I have no idea what I can handle yet, to be honest. I will need to start timing myself to paint to find my speed. I desperately need someone to practice on.

So, site is almost done, cards are done. Next paycheck - insurance. It will come out to about 200$ total. Once I have that, I'll will be able to start actually working and charging for my work.

Fantastic Birthday party

I got to practice today at a friend's daughters Birthday party today. Painted about 10 kids, 3 of them boys!
Here are some of the pictures. Some of the designs I honestly was not too happy about, but I still get nervous painting others. Some came out pretty good!
The kids enjoyed it, and that's what counts.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So excited.

With gentle pressure from my BFF (thank god for those!), I finally got my domain registered. No, it won't be about Dragonflies. At the last minutes, I decided to change my business name. I won't be putting here just yet, as the site is not made.

I'm also in the process of ordering my business cards! (in fact, I have it open on the other tab :P)

I also been practicing a little bit everyday. I am rather happy with the progress. I feel more confident with my swirls and lines. Drops are a bit of a challenge, but honestly, its because I have not found the right brush. Dots are also a bit of a bear (for the same reason).

Designs themselves can use more work, as well as organization! Gosh, the mess I make!

Anyway, here are some of my latest practice pictures.

Sorry for the weird angles, I truly loathe being photographed.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Gallery updated!

Updated my gallery with new images! The few lates ones are from the latest mini-jam. :)
Thanks to my friends!

Not dead yet!

Gosh, what a long time it's been. I must admit, I have started to forget all about my dream. My I did get a chance to grab my paints again. There was a fundraiser that my chorus folks were doing last weekend, and I decided to paint faices there.

Not the greatest of experience, but I learned some lessons:

1) Don't forget your brushes. You might think " a no-brainer". Well, that's what I was - a no-brainer! I felt the whole world spinning, as I realized that I forgot my brushes and my sponges!

2) If you are painting outside, ALWAYS bring a canopy or at least a beach umbrella. AND icepacks, because paints melt rather quickly in the sun.

3) Keep in mind what kind of "event" it is.

Unfortunately, I did not get a single person who wanted to get painted, despite the numerous kids that stopped by. It appears that most people were just garage-sale hunting. But thanks to this, I did get to practice some designs on my friend the night before.

Ill post some more pictures later.
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