Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Planning - Research

It's been a bit crazy after Halloween. My house is a mess frankly, and I am just in no mood to deal with anything. Perhaps that is why I have not been updating, but my dreams have not died down. Oh no, but now I am a bit frightened of what to do next. Now its the put up or put down time.
Will I proceed with this crazy dream, or leave it behind?

My husband gave me the name of the site where I can get some business cards made:
You can actually use one of their designs, and they have hundreds to choose from.
I am not quite certain where to proceed from there. One of the consideration I must have is:

- How much time I am willing to contribute to this endeavor.
- Will I be able to balance full-time job, this part-time job, AND house work?
- How will I be able to financially start this off. What if I have a gig, but I am too broke to buy paints?

So, all of these details need to be worked out.

I am searching the forums for ideas of what I need to consider before even starting to market my business. Like...actually registering my business. So, it will all be a learning process!

1 comment:

  1. I recommend vistaprint - they rock - i get all my stuffs from them.

    And you go girl - you can do it. :)


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