Saturday, November 6, 2010

Planning - budding greens

I have gotten myself a Google voice voice number for my local area. The great thing - it's free,and rings to my regular cell-phone. I can also set up my own voicemail, listen to voice mails from my computer, not mentioning free texting and cheap international calls. I kept waiting for "the catch", but I have not found one.
I definitely recommend checking out Google Voice.

I have also checked out a VistaPrint business cards selection and have chosen one for myself. I am planning to start working on the comps for my website - now that is going to be a job and a half. What colors to decide? Create a logo or not? Keep the name or not? So many choices. Once the website is ready, I can print out the cards, and start sending them out.

While I am sending cards out there are some critical things that I will need to do:
1. Practice (duh!)
2. Get clown insurance (I know, never thought I'd be looking at different clown insurance policies).
3. Find out about whether I need to register myself as a company, or file my taxes individually.
4. Hook up with other face-painters in the area for networking and jams. That is going to be the hardest part - I am really not good at making friends or even talking to people. I guess it's something that I will need to get over. :)

1 comment:

  1. yay - youre moving right along. i recommend waiting on registering and insurance until you start getting jobs. then you can use that money to pay for it. :)


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