Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Post - Halloween bleh mood

Does anyone else feel a little "bleh" after the holidays? It's like I have been getting ready for the events, getting the decorations ready, all excited, then all of a sudden it's over just like that.
The candy is eaten, the giant inflatable pumpkin was put away, ad instead of a gorgeous golden afternoons - it's cold, dreary and joyless outside all of a sudden.

I've entered a strange time, wehre I am waiting for things outside of my control. I am still very much researching this, but some things in my life right now are a bit up in the air.

I did wanted to show off some new things that I have done, including some painting that I got to do for Halloween:

That one is not really new, I just like it. :D

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Planning - budding greens

I have gotten myself a Google voice voice number for my local area. The great thing - it's free,and rings to my regular cell-phone. I can also set up my own voicemail, listen to voice mails from my computer, not mentioning free texting and cheap international calls. I kept waiting for "the catch", but I have not found one.
I definitely recommend checking out Google Voice.

I have also checked out a VistaPrint business cards selection and have chosen one for myself. I am planning to start working on the comps for my website - now that is going to be a job and a half. What colors to decide? Create a logo or not? Keep the name or not? So many choices. Once the website is ready, I can print out the cards, and start sending them out.

While I am sending cards out there are some critical things that I will need to do:
1. Practice (duh!)
2. Get clown insurance (I know, never thought I'd be looking at different clown insurance policies).
3. Find out about whether I need to register myself as a company, or file my taxes individually.
4. Hook up with other face-painters in the area for networking and jams. That is going to be the hardest part - I am really not good at making friends or even talking to people. I guess it's something that I will need to get over. :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Planning - Research

It's been a bit crazy after Halloween. My house is a mess frankly, and I am just in no mood to deal with anything. Perhaps that is why I have not been updating, but my dreams have not died down. Oh no, but now I am a bit frightened of what to do next. Now its the put up or put down time.
Will I proceed with this crazy dream, or leave it behind?

My husband gave me the name of the site where I can get some business cards made:
You can actually use one of their designs, and they have hundreds to choose from.
I am not quite certain where to proceed from there. One of the consideration I must have is:

- How much time I am willing to contribute to this endeavor.
- Will I be able to balance full-time job, this part-time job, AND house work?
- How will I be able to financially start this off. What if I have a gig, but I am too broke to buy paints?

So, all of these details need to be worked out.

I am searching the forums for ideas of what I need to consider before even starting to market my business. Like...actually registering my business. So, it will all be a learning process!

Monday, November 1, 2010

First day - Take 2

So, after my unsuccessful endeavor on Friday, yesterday I had another thing going. I mentioned it a while ago - that's the thing that got me into this whole face painting. I was not really planning to paint at all, as it was strangely coordinated, and I was supposed to supervise the teenagers more than actually paint.

Well, I did not get to paint any kids, BUT I got to paint a few adults instead. I did a ghost half-mask (which came out spooky), an eye mask for another lady (I even got to sponge!), and a couple of other small designs. That was fun! People actually did not mind my fumbling hands and enjoyed my designs. I thought they were quite mediocre, but they loved them and told me that I should do it professionally.
I told them - I am actually studying to do it professionally. :)

So, despite me having not as much practice as I wanted, I am grateful for the few people that let me do it. One lady (wife of a co-worker) said that I should definitely come paint her little girls. I know her daughters, they are sweet little girls, and I would love to practice on them. So, I'm hoping the invitation stands. :)

Oh, and the awesome part is my company said that they will reimburse me for the paint that I have bought for this event (I have bought WAY more than I needed lol. Don't always believe the packaging.) I will post pictures as soon as I have some from the two parties.
I am leaving you with this owl that I painted for a forum contest. I have not checked yet if I have won. I highly doubt it, but no harm in trying, right?
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