Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just a few days left to my first job!

Ok, so I feel like a kid that is going to Disneyland soon. I am excited, and cannot wait until Friday. I also am stressing over every single detail, as I normally do.
I am seriously wondering if I will have enough black paint. I am also worried that none of the kids will want to have their faces painted, or that I will be a horrible face painter.

I guess we shall see! I also do worry about not having enough good designs for boys, as I think there will be more boys at this thing than girls. Who knows, maybe they will say no to face-painting altogether.

Since my Halloween (Sat) thing is going to be a bust anyway, I think after this craziness, I will start looking into serious marketing. I am not sure where to start first, perhaps leaving my fliers or business cards with the local churches, and go from there.

I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it all. I also need to question my dad about creating a business and what is involved in that.

Oi vey!

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