Friday, October 29, 2010

First day - Update

Don't have the picture yet, will try to get them from people. I forgot to bring a camera :(

Didn't go quite as I planned to be honest. Although, one of the things that I feared the most was actually the easiest. I feared how I would handle the kids, and to be honest, that was the funnest thing to do. I just was able to talk to them, and make funny sounds while I was painting them, and seemed to enjoy that and listened to my instructions. This one little girl, Gosh, she was like if Gio was a little girl - she wanted a baby spider on her cheeky. It had to have stripy legs (just like the blow-up toy spider). When I painstakingly dotted each leg with green to make the stripes, she informed me that they were not quite stripy enough.

But she let me slide on that, and asked for a "Mama-spider, a BIG one" on her other cheeky. She was a hoot!

The rest of it, was not so fun, to be honest. I was nervous (my hands were actually shaking), and no one wanted to do full-face paintings. Well, one boy got a tiger - a saddest looking tiger possible, because I SUCK at sponging. I am quite embarrassed for that "tiger" - sorry, little buddy. You were adorable, but the tiger - not so much.

The kids were asking for small cheek designs and those are much harder to do than full-face, especially for a newbie. So, I farted out a few lousy designs, some - a nose and whiskers on the face.

None of the adults at the party wanted to have their face painted. I even asked a couple and everyone was "Thanks, but I'll pass". I felt quite silly, sitting there in my corner, and no one came. So I packed up, cleaned my stuff and left early.

A little bummed, was hoping to get more practice, but I guess I can't force people to have me doodle on their faces. Too bad, I could have done something really pretty. =(
So, I'm a little discouraged, disappointed, and embarrassed. I was hoping to really do a good job, but I don't think I did.

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  1. awww anna - you are always so hard on yourself. i bet you did beautifully. :)


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