Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beginning - Research

So, I have spent a week researching everything I could about face painting.
I have also looked at the paint prices (oooh, mama, that will be an investment). But I suppose if you want good quality - you will need to pay for it.
It seems that the most popular brands in US, Canda, and UK are:

Diamons FX
Ben Nye

I shopped around a bit, but considering that my budget is nearly non-existent, I went with the cheapest option that I could find. On the Amazon I found a 14-color palette by Snazaroo for about 20$. I also got some brushes and sponges.

I also got some other supplies (like more white paint, a dotter, and some glitter) from Silly Farm.

After watching the videos I realized that white paint is always going to be in high demand, it seems to be the base for a lot of things, not counting the awesome line work and swirlies. I like white paint!

Now that my first set of supplies was ordered and on its way, I continued to research various face painting ideas, techniques, videos, tips, etc. I found that a great place to find face painting ideas are the Snazaroo site. They have galleries upon galleries of faces. They also have a lot of cool tutorial material as well.
There is also which is also, I suppose, a Snazaroo site, but they have even MORE pictures.
Check this out:

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