Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beginning - Practice part 3

Just a quick update on my latest painting practices. I might need to pick up more candy, as I've been bribing Gio with them to let him paint his face. Well, more to sit still for a few seconds at a time.

Came with a rather decent-looking dragonfly design (I ill work on it a bit more before Halloween job) and a bee.

I am definitely getting better at water vs paint ratio, managing the brushes and faster, smoother brush strokes. Painting on moving child is hard, but from what I read - other children tend to sit still more than your own.

So far the designs that I have been practicing and I think I can do semi-confidently are:

Half mask-bee
Cheek art: Spider, heart, rose, candy

Im going to work on some rainbows today. Also, need to think and try more halloween designs. I also am realizing that I should have gotten a large tub of black and orange paint. It's a good thing I have 2 small 2 ml pots of black.

PS: NOT happy with sparkle paints. Sponging is OK, but on the brush they are not at all vivid. A bit disappointed.

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