Saturday, October 23, 2010

Beginning - Practice, part 3

Yay! I finally got my Silly Farms parcel with my 12 yellow high-density sponges, my 18 ml bucket of white paint and a dotter brush. I was so excited to test everything out, so I have first painted my son into a tiger.

Practicing on him is a real challenge. He does not want to sit still at all. I basically had to bribe him with treats like an animal to get him to sit still. My lines are getting slightly better, I just need to learn to produce them faster - before the model moves.

Then I tried a butterfly on myself. I should have gotten a big tub of black, but I'll be broke until after Halloween, so this will have to make do.

By the way, the dotter is not as easy to use as the video tutorials show. In fact, I found it quite difficult to load (as it is basically a hard-ish rubber sponge, not a brush) without making a crater in my paints. The paint doesn't seem to stay on it very well either, and overall my dots were weird, with clear spot in the middle.
I'll have to ask around on the forums what is the trick with that thing. On the upside, it is definitely an easier way to make a neater-looking dot/circle.


  1. I wondered the same thing about the dotter. I haven't bought one yet, but I had some eyeliner (once upon a time) with something like it on the end. I figured it would be pretty much the same.
    Ithink the trick to loading it would be to make sure you have a bit of paint good and wet, then twirl your dotter in it, covering the tip well, then it would be good for a few dots. Make sense?
    PS. Snaz doesn't do well for clean lines over colors. I like it for bases, but I got some diamond FX black and white for lines. HUGE difference.
    Diane aka rthling


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