Friday, October 22, 2010

Beginning - Practice part 2.2

Here is another thing I did the other day, just trying to catch up with posting here.
This is a mask - a prototype of what I am planning to wear for Halloween. I am going to have a pirate costume, but cannot wear a hat (I'll be singing in a chorus, so pirate hat is not really practical).
I am thinking of switching for red underneath the "lace", rather than purple.

Just don't want to use up all the paint while practicing, or I will be out before the big day! I don't think I've been so greedy with anything lately. It's like someone brought me juicy bone, and I am sitting in the corner, hogging it, and barking at anyone who comes near it.

Please ignore my messy hair and goofy face.


  1. I am impressed. And I can tell you are improving (though i thought you kicked butt right from the getgo) :)

  2. I KNOW, right?
    I won't let my daughter near my paints. She asks all. the. time.
    Diane aka rthling


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