Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beginning - Organization

After my last night's painting attempts, I quickly realized that a good face painter - is an organized face painter. It's the ultimate multitasking dream (or nightmare). I'm usually very good at multitasking. However, I was overwhelmed by the amount of things I was supposed to do apparently:

- Paint
- Hold child steady
- Dip brush/mix paint
- Dip sponge/get water
- Wash brush
- Find brush
- Wipe smudges
- Dispose of sponge
- and on, and on, and on.

Was reading the Forum today, found cool thread about organization. Answer include some pictures of other people's setups. I actually do have an old tool cart that John got me years ago. I barely use it - mostly for storage of old sketch books. I'll have to dig that up and clean it out and see how I can organize thigns better with it.

I need these:

I actually have nice containers for sponges and glitter. Ill make some pictures as soon as I get everything set up.

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