Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beginning - new "gig"

I love saying "I got a new gig!". It makes me feel so...grown-up and rock star. But in reality, it's not really a gig. Well, it is, as I will be painting faces for non-relatives. We are having a Halloween party at work, and kids will be present. So I offered my services in exchange for experience, and they agreed!

So, I am super excited and super nervous at the same time. This could be great or a complete disaster. There should be a lot of kids, but also a lot of adults who probably would want their faces painted to. Of course, Mr. Fear stopped by:

"So, are you going to have enough paint?" "What if they hate everything?""What if you smell bad?"

Shut up, Fear, just shut your face. That's what I told it. I finally got my pain in the mail a few days later, and freaked out a bit, realizing how small 2ml is! In panic, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought2x 6-color wheels. One with basic colors and one with sparkly metallic. Since I still have an order of white paint coming, I should be all set.

Oh, almost forgot. My original "gig" - the charity Halloween thing that got me started on thsi whole deal might not be much of painging at all. Apparently I will be supervising some teenagers more. But that's OK. Maybe I will pick up something from them, who knows? Or maybe I can teach them something too. Either way, it's an opportunity to do something good this month, and that aint bad.

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