Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beginning - Idea emerges

It all started with someone asking for volunteers to do the face painting at a local concert/kid-Halloween event. I have done face painting once - on labour day for our church. I was using the cheap greasy paints bought from Walmart, and I did not know what I was doing, but had a lot of fun.
Even more amazing was the fact that the kids enjoyed it so much. I have forgotten about this over the years, but researching face painting last week on the internet made me realize - I absolutely love face painting.

I love painting in general, and have been doing art for years. I really enjoy painting, although don't really do it much, but its one of the most relaxing activities. So, as I was sifting from hundreds of sites, YouTube video tutorials, a thought struck me - why am I not doing this professionally?!

Of course, at the same time the Fear raised it's ugly head and asked me: "Are you crazy? Do you reall think you can make a living painting faces? Besides, what if you totally suck?"
I stepped on Fear's head with my foot and continued to gather information. Hundreds of men and women just like me, who realized that they love something and went for it - are making it! Why not me?

So, pushing Fear aside, a decision has been made in my heart - I am going to try. I will learn, and practice, and do the leg work and run my own business. I don't know anything about running a business or being an entertainer, but I will learn.

And so begins my personal saga of trying something new, and working against my silly fears and doubts. This is my adventure. :)

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