Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beginning - Community

I found that there are a LOT of face painters in the world. And the coolest thing is that most of them, on forums, their sites, their YouTube sites are helpful and willing to share their tricks of the trade with others.

I found a couple of forums that I am especially fond of:Face Paint Chat and Face Paint Forum.

It was so cool to see so many newbies, like myself, asking same questions that I had, and so many seasoned painters helping out.

My hubby has been super encouraging (he always is, no matter what crazy idea I have each time) about all of this. Even after the previous "not enough paint" moment, he was the one who said - lets not worry about a problem that might not be a problem. Check Hobby Lobby first. And he was right - my Snaz paints were there. Not a good selection, but it will do.

It's time to practice!

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