Friday, October 29, 2010

First day - Update

Don't have the picture yet, will try to get them from people. I forgot to bring a camera :(

Didn't go quite as I planned to be honest. Although, one of the things that I feared the most was actually the easiest. I feared how I would handle the kids, and to be honest, that was the funnest thing to do. I just was able to talk to them, and make funny sounds while I was painting them, and seemed to enjoy that and listened to my instructions. This one little girl, Gosh, she was like if Gio was a little girl - she wanted a baby spider on her cheeky. It had to have stripy legs (just like the blow-up toy spider). When I painstakingly dotted each leg with green to make the stripes, she informed me that they were not quite stripy enough.

But she let me slide on that, and asked for a "Mama-spider, a BIG one" on her other cheeky. She was a hoot!

The rest of it, was not so fun, to be honest. I was nervous (my hands were actually shaking), and no one wanted to do full-face paintings. Well, one boy got a tiger - a saddest looking tiger possible, because I SUCK at sponging. I am quite embarrassed for that "tiger" - sorry, little buddy. You were adorable, but the tiger - not so much.

The kids were asking for small cheek designs and those are much harder to do than full-face, especially for a newbie. So, I farted out a few lousy designs, some - a nose and whiskers on the face.

None of the adults at the party wanted to have their face painted. I even asked a couple and everyone was "Thanks, but I'll pass". I felt quite silly, sitting there in my corner, and no one came. So I packed up, cleaned my stuff and left early.

A little bummed, was hoping to get more practice, but I guess I can't force people to have me doodle on their faces. Too bad, I could have done something really pretty. =(
So, I'm a little discouraged, disappointed, and embarrassed. I was hoping to really do a good job, but I don't think I did.

First day!

Hey, today is the day for my first face painting of other than myself and my family members. I am nervous, but I think I am ready. Got all my supplies. Got all my sponges. Should have enough paint, and if not - then would just have to tell people I don't have enough paint left.

I'm not getting paid for this, but great experience.

I will post some pictures (hopefully)of this adventure. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Blog hop!

Lions and Tigers and Boys Oh My!

Here is to making new friends and finding new and exciting corners to visit on the web.
Please grab a button, hop around and meeting some new folk out there!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween design ideas from around the web

Been researching more ideas for the Halloween-specific designs (for boys especially).
Here are some links that I came across, hopefully they will help:

Pumpking design - Very cute, I totally will have to practice that. Good for girls AND boys. And the cool thing about pumpkins is that they can be cute, happy, or scary. Its a good all-around vegetable.

Bella Sugar - Featuring 5 interesting and elaborate designs. The first image (the cute cat) is Angie Anders of Face alive. She is a really nice and talented face painter that I met over at the forums.

If you have links or sites, or tutorials that you have made or know of and would like me to include on this list - please leave a comment.

Just a few days left to my first job!

Ok, so I feel like a kid that is going to Disneyland soon. I am excited, and cannot wait until Friday. I also am stressing over every single detail, as I normally do.
I am seriously wondering if I will have enough black paint. I am also worried that none of the kids will want to have their faces painted, or that I will be a horrible face painter.

I guess we shall see! I also do worry about not having enough good designs for boys, as I think there will be more boys at this thing than girls. Who knows, maybe they will say no to face-painting altogether.

Since my Halloween (Sat) thing is going to be a bust anyway, I think after this craziness, I will start looking into serious marketing. I am not sure where to start first, perhaps leaving my fliers or business cards with the local churches, and go from there.

I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it all. I also need to question my dad about creating a business and what is involved in that.

Oi vey!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Practice - Cheek art

I did some cheek/thigh designs, to practice. Cheek art is definitely harder than full face - you need to be really careful about details.The good thing, if you mess up, it is much easier to wipe out.

I think I made a pretty decent-looking rose and some fun spider designs. Been working on candy, but really not happy with how they came out at all.
I am rather fond of this second rose, to be honest.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beginning - Practice part 3

Just a quick update on my latest painting practices. I might need to pick up more candy, as I've been bribing Gio with them to let him paint his face. Well, more to sit still for a few seconds at a time.

Came with a rather decent-looking dragonfly design (I ill work on it a bit more before Halloween job) and a bee.

I am definitely getting better at water vs paint ratio, managing the brushes and faster, smoother brush strokes. Painting on moving child is hard, but from what I read - other children tend to sit still more than your own.

So far the designs that I have been practicing and I think I can do semi-confidently are:

Half mask-bee
Cheek art: Spider, heart, rose, candy

Im going to work on some rainbows today. Also, need to think and try more halloween designs. I also am realizing that I should have gotten a large tub of black and orange paint. It's a good thing I have 2 small 2 ml pots of black.

PS: NOT happy with sparkle paints. Sponging is OK, but on the brush they are not at all vivid. A bit disappointed.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blog news!

Just a quick note, I have added a community tab, and I will be listing various links that I have found. If you are looking for a community to join - I have listed a bunch of active forums. I found the people on them to be such a blessing - always ready to share their know-how.

Beginning - Practice, part 3

Yay! I finally got my Silly Farms parcel with my 12 yellow high-density sponges, my 18 ml bucket of white paint and a dotter brush. I was so excited to test everything out, so I have first painted my son into a tiger.

Practicing on him is a real challenge. He does not want to sit still at all. I basically had to bribe him with treats like an animal to get him to sit still. My lines are getting slightly better, I just need to learn to produce them faster - before the model moves.

Then I tried a butterfly on myself. I should have gotten a big tub of black, but I'll be broke until after Halloween, so this will have to make do.

By the way, the dotter is not as easy to use as the video tutorials show. In fact, I found it quite difficult to load (as it is basically a hard-ish rubber sponge, not a brush) without making a crater in my paints. The paint doesn't seem to stay on it very well either, and overall my dots were weird, with clear spot in the middle.
I'll have to ask around on the forums what is the trick with that thing. On the upside, it is definitely an easier way to make a neater-looking dot/circle.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Beginning - Practice part 2.2

Here is another thing I did the other day, just trying to catch up with posting here.
This is a mask - a prototype of what I am planning to wear for Halloween. I am going to have a pirate costume, but cannot wear a hat (I'll be singing in a chorus, so pirate hat is not really practical).
I am thinking of switching for red underneath the "lace", rather than purple.

Just don't want to use up all the paint while practicing, or I will be out before the big day! I don't think I've been so greedy with anything lately. It's like someone brought me juicy bone, and I am sitting in the corner, hogging it, and barking at anyone who comes near it.

Please ignore my messy hair and goofy face.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beginning - Practice, part 2

Ok, here I did some more practice. First one is a crappy butterfly, that I made to test out the sparkly paint. It came out meh at best. Not happy with it, but that's OK. I learned something valuable, and that is... I NEED a dotter.

Now, you can't really see it on the picture, but I had a fairly nice blend of pink on top, white on bottom going on. I tried to make the wings look almost peacock-like. I don't think the effort was successful at all. So, for a first butterfly - not horrible, but not great.

Will keep trying.

Beginning - Organization

After my last night's painting attempts, I quickly realized that a good face painter - is an organized face painter. It's the ultimate multitasking dream (or nightmare). I'm usually very good at multitasking. However, I was overwhelmed by the amount of things I was supposed to do apparently:

- Paint
- Hold child steady
- Dip brush/mix paint
- Dip sponge/get water
- Wash brush
- Find brush
- Wipe smudges
- Dispose of sponge
- and on, and on, and on.

Was reading the Forum today, found cool thread about organization. Answer include some pictures of other people's setups. I actually do have an old tool cart that John got me years ago. I barely use it - mostly for storage of old sketch books. I'll have to dig that up and clean it out and see how I can organize thigns better with it.

I need these:

I actually have nice containers for sponges and glitter. Ill make some pictures as soon as I get everything set up.

Beginning - First trial

So, last night I sat out my newly-arrived paints, my crispy fresh brushes, my water, baby wipes, and got my 3-year old son to sit in front of me. The first thing he asked for is Lightning McQueen. Of course. A cheek art. Or a recognizable character.

The next 10 minutes were sheer frustration, as he talked nonstop, twisted his head, complained and wanted "to see it". Basically, I think he gave me a quick tour of all of the kids I will be painting in these short/long 10 minutes. Only he is mine and they won't be.

I finally got that done. Since he loves to be painted, and is a more realistic model of what I am to expect in the field, I also attempted to do a half-butterfly eye design. It came out quite dreadful, but hey, its a first try. Then we did a shoulder spider - that was much easier.

What a ham, the child was born to be in show business, I think. Scary. With that, I sent him off and attempted to regain my sanity. Let me tell you - all those professionals know what they are talking about when they say - practice, practice, practice. They make it look sooo easy. It's not. Being an artist, I can tell you - knowing how to pain on paper/canvas helps, makes the brush feel good in your hand. But its not the same! The lines, the colors...AHHHH! I felt so frustrated.

Then it was John's turn. He sat patiently, waiting for me to "birth" a tiger. I dabbed the white paint, and dabbed...and dabbed some more...I still cannot figure out how much water to put on the brush. It was either too much or too little. And apparently I was pressing on his eyes too much. What came out was a rather-goofy, but half-way decent tiger (imho).

Then it was my turn. I was the easiest to work on, except the sides of face. I couldn't really see well, and the lighting in the kitchen where I was painting was really bad. I worked on some teardrops and swirlies and dabbing on my arm. Then tried making a couple of mark-butterflies. I like the red one, actually. I think I will work it more (oh, I need my dotter to arrive soon!) and make it an actual design.

The blue (below) I'm not very fond of. I completely forgot the "light first, dark second" rule. The lines blended too much, they were too thick, design was meh..but hey, it's all learning process. I like to work with reds/blacks way more, to be honest, but I know that majority of my requests will be in pastels.

So far, my impression of the Snazaroo paints (and this is from someone who has NO idea what she is talking about):

1. They are definitely better quality than wall-mart cheapo paints. They go on easy and the colors are vivid.

2. Cheap sponges that come with kits - are crap, for the most part. They stain my hands (I had to constantly wipe my hands and was still leaving fingerprints of all colors everywhere), they are tiny, they absorb way too much paint.

3. The paint dries FAST is you put the right amount of water on. The lines are also smooth and crisp and you don't have to reload after each line. Water/Paint balance is crucial and quite a challenging task to master.

4. Keep brushes OUT of water when you are not using them.

5. DON'T sit your model below you. My back was killing me. I couldn't see anything, especially on my son.

6. The flat Snaz colors (esp. the white) is easier to see and goes on better than the sparkle ones. I did not really care for the pearl/sparkle white, but I was probably not doing it right.

Ok, so this is not only about the colors, but you get the point. So much to learn...

Beginning - Community

I found that there are a LOT of face painters in the world. And the coolest thing is that most of them, on forums, their sites, their YouTube sites are helpful and willing to share their tricks of the trade with others.

I found a couple of forums that I am especially fond of:Face Paint Chat and Face Paint Forum.

It was so cool to see so many newbies, like myself, asking same questions that I had, and so many seasoned painters helping out.

My hubby has been super encouraging (he always is, no matter what crazy idea I have each time) about all of this. Even after the previous "not enough paint" moment, he was the one who said - lets not worry about a problem that might not be a problem. Check Hobby Lobby first. And he was right - my Snaz paints were there. Not a good selection, but it will do.

It's time to practice!

Beginning - new "gig"

I love saying "I got a new gig!". It makes me feel so...grown-up and rock star. But in reality, it's not really a gig. Well, it is, as I will be painting faces for non-relatives. We are having a Halloween party at work, and kids will be present. So I offered my services in exchange for experience, and they agreed!

So, I am super excited and super nervous at the same time. This could be great or a complete disaster. There should be a lot of kids, but also a lot of adults who probably would want their faces painted to. Of course, Mr. Fear stopped by:

"So, are you going to have enough paint?" "What if they hate everything?""What if you smell bad?"

Shut up, Fear, just shut your face. That's what I told it. I finally got my pain in the mail a few days later, and freaked out a bit, realizing how small 2ml is! In panic, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought2x 6-color wheels. One with basic colors and one with sparkly metallic. Since I still have an order of white paint coming, I should be all set.

Oh, almost forgot. My original "gig" - the charity Halloween thing that got me started on thsi whole deal might not be much of painging at all. Apparently I will be supervising some teenagers more. But that's OK. Maybe I will pick up something from them, who knows? Or maybe I can teach them something too. Either way, it's an opportunity to do something good this month, and that aint bad.

Beginning - Research

So, I have spent a week researching everything I could about face painting.
I have also looked at the paint prices (oooh, mama, that will be an investment). But I suppose if you want good quality - you will need to pay for it.
It seems that the most popular brands in US, Canda, and UK are:

Diamons FX
Ben Nye

I shopped around a bit, but considering that my budget is nearly non-existent, I went with the cheapest option that I could find. On the Amazon I found a 14-color palette by Snazaroo for about 20$. I also got some brushes and sponges.

I also got some other supplies (like more white paint, a dotter, and some glitter) from Silly Farm.

After watching the videos I realized that white paint is always going to be in high demand, it seems to be the base for a lot of things, not counting the awesome line work and swirlies. I like white paint!

Now that my first set of supplies was ordered and on its way, I continued to research various face painting ideas, techniques, videos, tips, etc. I found that a great place to find face painting ideas are the Snazaroo site. They have galleries upon galleries of faces. They also have a lot of cool tutorial material as well.
There is also which is also, I suppose, a Snazaroo site, but they have even MORE pictures.
Check this out:

Beginning - Idea emerges

It all started with someone asking for volunteers to do the face painting at a local concert/kid-Halloween event. I have done face painting once - on labour day for our church. I was using the cheap greasy paints bought from Walmart, and I did not know what I was doing, but had a lot of fun.
Even more amazing was the fact that the kids enjoyed it so much. I have forgotten about this over the years, but researching face painting last week on the internet made me realize - I absolutely love face painting.

I love painting in general, and have been doing art for years. I really enjoy painting, although don't really do it much, but its one of the most relaxing activities. So, as I was sifting from hundreds of sites, YouTube video tutorials, a thought struck me - why am I not doing this professionally?!

Of course, at the same time the Fear raised it's ugly head and asked me: "Are you crazy? Do you reall think you can make a living painting faces? Besides, what if you totally suck?"
I stepped on Fear's head with my foot and continued to gather information. Hundreds of men and women just like me, who realized that they love something and went for it - are making it! Why not me?

So, pushing Fear aside, a decision has been made in my heart - I am going to try. I will learn, and practice, and do the leg work and run my own business. I don't know anything about running a business or being an entertainer, but I will learn.

And so begins my personal saga of trying something new, and working against my silly fears and doubts. This is my adventure. :)
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